Monday, May 7, 2012

Style: To Venus and Back

My style for the past several years has been based on vintage dresses with cute flats, the occasional ruffle or lace welcome.  I am 30 years old now and find myself naturally moving away.   My inspirations are deep, muted colors - purple, gray, rose, slate - with a focus on material - cashmere, linen, wool.  All with confidently simple lines.

The photographs below of Tori Amos circa 1999 - her To Venus and Back era - exemplify this.

I am not there yet.  This exact outfit would not fit well in my life; I would feel costumed.  But something in these beautiful (film) photographs feels so right.

Some lyrics from To Venus and Back.


jets. are revving yes revving
from a central source and this.
has power over me. not because you feel
something or don’t feel something
for me but because.
mass. so big. it can swallow swallow
her whole star intact.