Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Much of my enjoyment in life comes from experiencing and appreciating what others put into the world.  I voraciously consume books, music, films, and blogs.  I am happy in this role, because all great art deserves an audience.  At the same time,  in this age of consumption and digital existence, I have a tugging desire to create something tangible of my own - to be not only a consumer, but a creator.  

I spent much of my earlier youth too intimidated to attempt creation.  Now I understand the value in small creations that enrich my personal experience without the pressure of being anything terribly unique or accomplished.  For example, this year I began knitting, after acquiring yarn and needles from This Is Knit while visiting Dublin.   This simple act brings me satisfaction; I am accomplishing no great feats, but even a basic scarf that I've been working on for months is special to me.  

And as important as the result is the process.  While knitting, I can converse with a friend, listen to an NPR radio show, jam to music, or simply lose myself in my thoughts.  I cannot watch television or browse the internet.  

Here is a vignette of a perfect Saturday morning, relaxing on my balcony with my favorite magazine, new camera, and knitting.  

Other hobbies that allow me to create are photography (especially developing my own film) and tending my little urban garden.  Blogging also helps fill my need to create and contribute, although the intangibility makes for a less satisfying result.  Whatever activity I'm engaging in, the important thing is that I am engaging - with life, with the small environment around me, with my thoughts.

{photos: nikon fm2 and fuji superia 400 film}