Saturday, November 24, 2012

Traditional Sunday Roast

Traditions bring comfort to life.  While I associate their familiarity with childhood, I'm attracted to the idea of creating new traditions for my adult life in the city.  After reading about traditional British Sunday roasts in Kinfolk, I decided to seek out this experience while visiting London.  A few months later, my friend Trisha and I found ourselves at the Old Red Cow one Sunday in October.  

The idea is simple: a big and heavy meal in the afternoon, paired with some pints, enjoyed leisurely with friends.  This meal easily can be the only thing one does all day.


{photos: mamiya 645 and fuji 400h film}

I decided to make this a tradition of my own.  My plan is to cook Sunday Roasts at home a couple of times a month this winter, extending an open and casual invitation to friends who feel like stopping by.  Throwing a chicken and vegetables in a pot is easy, makes my home smell delicious, and allows me to stay in my cashmere robe all day.  :-)

Here's to new traditions.