Sunday, January 5, 2014

Untitled Interior (Blizzard)

As I browsed the Fraction sale early last month, the print by Sarah Malakoff "Untitled Interior (Blizzard)" caught my eye.  The photograph has a magic and intrigue that I knew could hold my interest over the longterm.  After a hint to my husband ("hint" being an emailed link), I received the signed print as a Christmas gift, even more captivating in person.

In a different light…

The print is from a series by Malakoff of untitled interiors.  From her website about the series: "Boundaries between inside and outside, shelter and vulnerability, the real and the imagined all become blurred. Malakoff’s formally precise compositions set the stage for viewers to imagine the characters that reside within.”

Today I find myself curled up by the window, watching snow pile...

…grateful for the very real boundary between inside and outside.